The Art of Injection


This DVD-film is an educational course in injection therapy (1,5 hrs).
A visional library enough for medical doctor during the whole career. It contains mainly techniques for treatment of inflammatory pain syndromes and joints.

Alltogether I demonstrate 17 techniquesz, from my daily practice.

For example I show you how to treat:
Shoulder impingement, Epicondylitis , CMCI artrosis, Frozen sholder, Hallux rigidus, Apicitis patellae, Interphalangeal joints (PIP, DIP, MCP), Heel spurs, Trochanteritis (Piriformissyndrom), Acromioclavicular (ACL) and Sternoclavicular (SCL) joints, Iliosacral joint, Coccyx joint and Parasacral tendalgia.

All techniques are real, both in training and treatment. In my teaching I urge doctors to train on each other !!

Download "Recipes" and you find my guidelines for syringes, needles and mixture.

Cortisone injection is the most effective treatment for inflammatory pain syndromes in joints, tendinitis /tendalgia or ligamentpain ! In many cases, it is of beneficial value to make rehabilitation possible and hinder a chronifying process.

This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and take them to the next level.
Study the film and PRACTICE!

Good luck!

Dr. Roger Stadra

MD Orthopaedic Medicine
Stockholm, Sweden