The Art of Injection


Hey, Roger!

Thanks for the nice conversation yesterday and you could say that my body was treatable! It gave me hope for life again! I feel today that I generally have a great basic tension in all muscles in the neck and shoulders. You are absolutely right that we have with them too much "professional injury" to study in detail the symptoms and thus misses the big picture. I think I need a "big game", you talked about some who had "good hands". Chiropractor Lars Nilsson was perhaps one of them?

For the soul's sake I take out my guitar and it works quite well but after a while the fighting in the arm and that if I get one too good to turn to protest the neck! It is good for the soul but do neck pain, but probably not harmful, right?

This is because with my stress affect my everyday life so it gives an extra motivation to get rid of this.

Thanks, Roger!

Best regards

Lars Tovoté

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