The Art of Injection



Want to give a little feedback on your letter I got from you before I visited you and also on the hospitality and treatment outcome.

When I received your letter I thought:
"Help what is this now? But the more times I read it I felt like you really care about your patients."

This, I was confirmed on the spot where you had put aside so long for me as a patient and I am confident that you will do with all your patients. It is unique in health care!

I knew that you, as doctors call for your patients, but equally, set requirements for yourself. To actively listen as you are doing is beneficial to both the patient and for you.

The pain is completely gone from the heel, thank goodness! So it worthwhile to endure the pain that caused the syringe when I got it!

I thank you and wish that there would be more doctors who dare to operate in that way as you do in cooperation with their patients to achieve the best results.

Yours sincerely

Sirkka-Liisa Toivonen

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