The Art of Injection


Realistic expectations heal !!

Many thanks, Roger, for the insight and the tools you provided me with, so I could be able to heal his back. Your help and advice have been invaluable. There are about 8 months since I came to you with a fresh disk herniation between the fourth and fifth lumbar. Then it was almost unbearable everyday and I could barely get me to mailbox and back. Today cross-country skiing and skating. Life has returned and with the desire. The professionalism and experience you got gave great confidence and I realized that I had been in the right hands. In a very pedagogical and dynamic approach mapped to my situation and put me into the problems. With increased awareness of the problem and with a hefty action in hand I felt as if the pain decreased already at our first calls. It was primarily as physiotherapy would take me out of the situation and a real cure with anti-inflammatory drugs. Through you, I was contacted by a very competent physical therapist, Linda Olsberg, who instructed me and supervised my training with a firm hand during these eight months. And she let me not only appeal is completely out of the world and your training is at normal levels again.

Perhaps the most important knowledge you gave me was to turn down expectations and not put up objectives to be healthy for the next two months. The will only result in disappointment and hence slower healing. This showed me how you all are together in the body and the mental attitude is very important for healing. Today I have no great goal, just to get better. And it gets me, every day.

Patrick Lones

Communication Consultant

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