The Art of Injection


Hi Roger.

The day before yesterday, I was very happy. A tough old lady who worked hard all her life came to visit. She had suffered a lot of shoulder pain for years, and the time before. I had found a quantity of tendinitis and injected subacromially both sides. And she was very much better. From about 5 degrees of flexion and abduction to 80. I gave her a treatment and sent her to physical therapists.

When I thought of her, I realized that if it were not for you I would not be aware of it in my arsenal. Perhaps not even the diagnosis. Maybe I would, as she told me that others have done, told her to wear it, nothing to do.

So this year's last day, I send you a warm thank you for what you have given me to give to others.

I would also like to wish you a happy new year.

Björn Taubert

District Physicians
Southern Stockholm

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