The Art of Injection



You have treated me with interest and respect, you've been clear with what you expect from me, you've also been clear in explaining our different roles to make me feel better. You have always been clear about what you are looking at, what the purpose is and what the diagnose means. Always open to all documentation. You has recommended me to a very good physical therapist. You have motivated me to start training. You have given me a toolbox, which contains more than just a Phillips screwdriver, it contains everything you can think of, for himself, to rule me up. The contents of the toolbox includes in addition to practical advice including theories, research findings, experiences, my own motivation and attitude, and which of my drivers I need for me to to go forward in life.

When you have been hurt and hit a long line of unsympathetic doctors who want to print a drug after a 10-minute conversation, it feels hopeless. For this usually leads nowhere. We need to see a specialist who knows what it means to have hurt a long time and what it can bring with it implications. For it is not just about being competent in their pursuit, but also that it has a high degree of empathy for the patient's problems or perceived problems if you like for some can probably be traced to psychological factors. I also think you have to enjoy motivating and coaching their patients too often they sit on all the tools and skills necessary to come back to life again and see the light.

Roger you personify these before mentioned abilities and I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to meet you. The best and most effective of the Swedish back rehabilitation care would probably be to clone yourself in a number of copies.

Finally, let me just say this: "Roger for President"


Michael Dömstedt

Marketing & Sales Manager, Centuri AB

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